Valentines Mini Bouquet - Pickup Day: Sunday February 7th

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Enjoy or gift a sweet whimsical Mini Bouquet, perfect for a loved one on Galentines or Valentines Day!

Designed using long lasting flowers. Each bouquet comes wrapped in burlap and delicately tied with beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon. I suggest saving this ribbon and drying your bouquet once it is ready. Tie your dried Mini Bouquet with your ribbon and enjoy. 

Ordering: To purchase your Mini Bouquet please add to cart and purchase. With proper care most of the stems should last around 2 weeks, so it can be enjoyed longer. (Tax is included in the price, yah!)

Discount: Want to purchase two bouquets? One for you and a friend? Add both bouquets to cart and use discount code: LOVE 

Curbside Pickup Day: Sunday February 7th

Once purchased you'll receive an email from me confirming the curbside pickup instructions and address in Cornwall, Ontario. I make it easy for customers and bring the Mini Bouquet right out to your vehicle.