How does it work?

1. Choose Monthly or Biweekly flower delivery: Select your option here.

2. Our florist will design a unique arrangement of fresh cut flowers and deliver them to you on the date you selected (1st, 10th or 15th). There is no cost for delivery. Yah!


You can subscribe yourself, your office, a client or someone you love. Life is short, buy the flowers!

3. Please know our florist must call the home that is to receive the flowers, before we go out for a delivery. We do this to ensure the person receiving the flowers is home and knows exactly when we will be coming by. If your order is a surprise for someone, please know we will never say who the flowers are from when we call first, so it will still be a surprise. 


How can I cancel or pause my subscription? 

You can cancel anytime after a minimum of four flowers deliveries. We also understand life can get busy, you can pause your subscription anytime for a maximum duration of one month.

Message or email us to pause your subscription: info@rootedlove.ca


I want to sign up using a discount code, what are the rules?

Please go ahead! At checkout enter in your discount code. If you have any questions, let us know!




Do you offer one time bouquets?


We currently do not offer one time flower bouquets, but we can suggest some great local florists for your big events or one time bouquets. We love Blooms based in Cornwall, Ontario and The Village Green in Ingleside.

Where do we deliver?

Our Subscriptions are delivered to the follower areas: 

Cornwall, Ontario


What days of the week do we deliver on?

Currently we are not delivering on weekends. If your delivery day falls on a weekend we will deliver the day before or after.


What time will your flowers be delivered?

Due to the nature of our service and the availability of our florist and delivery team, we will deliver your flowers between business hours 10am-5pm Tuesday - Friday. If your next delivery falls on a holiday, we deliver the next business day.


Looking for a great vase to spice up your home or workspace?  

We deliver our flowers wrapped in eco friendly burlap.

If you are looking to pickup some fun retro vases for your new flower subscription checkout Crush Lane and My Vintage Soulthey are local businesses who offer a wide variety of vintage and retro vases.


Looking for a larger, custom or traditional bouquet?

Rooted Love is a unique flower subscription service based in Cornwall, Ontario in Canada. We offer fun arrangements wrapped in burlap. If you are looking for something a little more traditional or maybe something extra special for a wedding or event we suggest our favourite local florists: Blooms in Cornwall or The Village Green Flower Shop in Ingleside.


How to care for your Flowers?

1) Fill vase with water & flower food.


2) Cut flowers on an angle with a sharp knife or scissors, if possible cut them under running water. Ensure all stems are submerged.


3) Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and away from drafts or smoke.


4) Keep an eye on water levels, the vase must be topped up with water regularly. Replace water if you see it looking murky.


5) Remove any dead or wilting stems. As the flower arrangement starts to get smaller, consider separating the remaining stems in smaller vases or mason jars.


Shipping Policy:

We offer Canada wide shipping + shipping to the USA.

Please note: Customer Is responsible for any duties, taxes or charged involved with shipping to the USA.


Have some questions about your order?

No problem, send us an email at: info@rootedlove.ca or a message on facebook or instagram. We will be happy to help you with any questions.