When & How To Use Your Floral Smudge Stick

There is no better time than now to start cultivating a new self care ritual. Using a Floral Smudge Stick is a personal ritual used to clear and release negative energies in your space and invite new positive energy in. 

With the year we have had, using a Floral Smudge Stick is a great way to clear our space of any negative energy and set the tone for the new year ahead. Not sure where to start? We have a wide variety of Floral Smudge Sticks available online if you want to browse.

Rooted Love Floral Smudge Stick


We should first recognize the root foundation of the ritual. 'Smudging' is an ancient spiritual ritual that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Using your first Floral Smudge Stick might leave some puzzled not knowing what to do next so lets go through some steps together. Using a Floral Smudge Stick is certainly a method of self care and a spiritual ritual that is unique based on your practice.

The first step in the process in growing your new ritual is to find a space you want to clear energy from or find a space you spend time in. I like to light a Floral Smudge Stick each morning while I make coffee, while I meditate or before I go to sleep as a 'bedtime ritual'.

Rooted Love Sage Floral Smudge Stick

Choose a Floral Smudge Stick based on your preference, if you are looking to clear our negative energies I suggest the White Sage + Rose Buds Floral Smudge Stick. If you are practicing a bedtime ritual, I think anything would do but one of my favourites is the Cedar + Botanical. If you are looking to start your day with vibrance and joy, the Palo Santo Bundle would be a great option!

Rooted Love Ethically Sourced and Farmed Sage Floral Smudge Stick

Whichever Floral Smudge Stick you go with, choose it with care and get ready to clear your space of negative energies. Remember, the process is a ritual we are going to tie in with your already existent routine. If you do meditation or prayer, this is a great ritual to tie in. If you want to develop a morning or bedtime routine, or simply clear negative energies from a space at any given time, this is a perfect self care ritual to practice.


Light Ignite Floral Smudge Stick Rooted Love

Ensure you have a candle ready we will light the candle and then use the candle to ignite our Floral Smudge Stick. You can use a match if you are stuck, although it could be difficult since it can take anywhere from 5-20 seconds to ignite your Floral Smudge Stick.

Hold your Floral Smudge Stick at a 90 degree angle over your flame, let it ignite. You'll see that there are red embers and smoke coming from the Floral Smudge Stick. This can take anywhere from 5-20 seconds. Once you see the red embers, gently blow out any flame on the Floral Smudge Stick and set it aside on a glass dish or shell.

Don't forget to open a window to release any excess smoke and allow the negative energies to exit your space.

Floral Smudge Stick Rooted Love

Depending on your Ritual, you can move throughout your space clock wise, bring the dish or shell with you to catch any stray ashes. As you move throughout the room, clear your mind of any negative energies or thoughts, invite good energy in and set good intentions. You might also simply let the Floral Smudge Stick smoulder on the glass dish or shell as you go about your routine. 

 The most important thing is to relax, unwind and use this time to recharge. Remember to set good intentions for the day ahead.

- Farrah | Rooted Love 



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