Setting Good Intentions In 2021

As a fresh season approaches, this is a time to cultivate something new.

To grow in hope, joy and love. This is a time to have faith and know that we will move into this new season with continued strength and wisdom. Although..lets maybe keep a few extra bottles of wine just incase haha!

All jokes aside, I believe in this new year we will see continued growth

There is no better time than now to consider goals and ambitions for 2021 and to reflect on what is most important to us. Have you taken time to do this? Some great ways to get started are by writing it down. Use journaling, blogging or even writing reflections or goals on a sticky note where you see it each day.

To me, this new year brings focus on love, joy and a having grateful heart. I try to practice self care rituals on a regular basis, like adding fresh flowers to my space or lighting a Floral Smudge Stick while I meditate. Developing daily rituals can help to clear out negative energy and invite good energy in.

Each morning with coffee I like to let the sunshine hit my face. I light a candle and ignite a Floral Smudge Stick, breathing deep and releasing the breath slowly. Letting go of any negative thoughts or feelings. This is my morning meditation. If you pray, meditate or practice breathing exercises this is a wonderful daily practice.

Daily Self Care Ritual Journaling Rooted Love Flowers Cornwall Ontario

Do you have a daily ritual to start your day successfully? I'd love to hear about it. If you feel you'd like to, comment on the blog and share your favourite self care rituals! If you don't yet have a specific self care ritual you practice consistently, I challenge you this week to start small. Try journalling each day for 5 minutes before your day begins or before bed. 

A few of my favourite things to help with self care rituals, a cute and inspiring journal like the ones from Cheerfully Made in Almonte, Ontario. Looks like their journals are on sale until January 10th too! An inspiring handmade wood sign, from Cedar & Fern is a sure way to create a happy space! 

Cedar Floral Smudge Stick Rooted Love Flowers Cornwall Ontario

Some other go-to tools are the Floral Smudge Sticks I carry with Rooted Love. One of my favourites is the Cedar + Botanical, it has a sweet uplifting scent and inspires a sense of wellbeing. Another great idea is getting into the habit of scheduling a regular massage. My favourite health spa here in Cornwall is Simply Wellness, they offer a wide range of massages and are always welcoming, each time I have had a massage I left feeling totally restored!

Lastly, nothing beats a good candle, am I right? Driftwood Candle Co. is one of my favourites! They specialize in clean burning soy candles and are based in Cornwall, Ontario. Another favourite are the soy candles sold at Life's Little Pleasures, candles that smell great and make you laugh!

Still not sure where to start? Send me a message, I'd love to chat!

I encourage you to take a moment. Reflect on your season ahead, set intentions.

Cultivate new things. Grow or develop a daily ritual to guide you through this new year ahead. Your heart will thank you for it. To celebrate the new year I have created a discount for YOU, just click here or use discount: GROW2021 during the month of January. This discount applies to any Rooted Love Floral Smudge Sticks or Valentine's Bloom Box, offer valid in January only. 

Cheers to the new year,

Farrah, Rooted Love.




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