How To Use & Enjoy Dried Flowers

How to use your dried flowers:

Drying flowers is a great way to repurpose what was once beautiful, into something new. There are several methods that can be used to dry flowers and we will go through some of them in our blog post. As well we would love to highlight some of the ways you can use your dried flowers. The options are endless!

Two ways to dry flowers:

1) Hanging your flowers up to dry is probably the easiest method of drying and the most enjoyable as you get to see the beauty unfold as the flowers dry out. 

Before hanging your flowers to dry, separate them into small bunches. Be sure to remove any foliage. Tie the stems with a string long enough to hang, make sure your flowers are hung up in a cool dry space for at least two weeks.

The hanging method works great for many flowers, including lavender, roses and hydrangea. 

Hanging Dried Flowers Lavender Rooted Love Flower Subscription Cornwall

A great tool for hanging dried flowers are any open beams in your home, hooks, shelves or a hanging branch like the one below from My Vintage Soul.

Great creative and have fun, that is what drying flowers is all about. If you decide to try your hand at drying your own flowers be sure to tag us on instagram @rootedloveflowers we would love to see what you are drying!

Hanging Branch Dried Flowers My Vintage Soul Cornwall

2) Another easy method is to dry your flowers in a vase. I use this method often and find I enjoy my drying flowers just as much as the day they arrived fresh and vibrant. Please be aware that this method can be hit or miss, but I find it to be one of the most enjoyable ways to dry flowers because I can enjoy them as they fade.

If you subscribe to a Rooted Love flower subscription, check the flower care card for details to help you prolong the life of your flowers. Avoid a vase where the flowers are being held tightly together as we want to avoid any bacteria from growing. After a little while you'll notice your flowers have been completely dried out, this process usually takes a few weeks but the results are worth it.

Dried Flowers Rooted Love Flower Subscription Cornwall Ontario

By the end of this blog, our hope is to inspire you to repurpose your dying flower arrangement, to enjoy just a little bit longer. Below we will talk about some ways you can enjoy dried flowers. Please feel free to tag us as you try different methods of your own @rootedloveflowers.

How to use your dried flowers:

One amazing way to use your dried flowers and something I have been seeing a lot of lately is smudging. A natural ceremony used for generations to cleanse and remove negative energy. Smudging is a great way to enjoy your dried flowers along with natural herbs like Sage, Cedar or Lavender, this practice can help leave you grounded, positive and calm. 

One of our favourite mixtures of wildflowers and herbs are the Smudge Sticks from My Vintage Soul. Jessica sources a mixture of wildflowers, herbs and includes a crystal with each of her bundles. You can shop Smudge Sticks online or in person at Aspen Spa and Simply Wellness in Cornwall, Ontario.

If you are like me and smudging is new to you, checkout this youtube video on Smudging 101.

My Vintage Soul Smudge Stick Cornwall Ontario

One of my favourite things to do with dried flowers is to hand craft my own potpourri mixtures. These work great to add a positive energy to your space and they look pretty too! 

1) Start by collecting dried flowers and choose a base scent. You can go with aromatic leaves, stems or flowers.

2) Next you'll want to want to choose your flowers, herbs or dried fruit to add color to your mixture. Choose vibrant tones that will add joy to your space. 

3) Add a fixative. This would be something that binds your mixture together. Some options could include, moss, pine, sandalwood or roots. You can also add some filler, some great options are pinecones, whole nuts or dried berries.

4) Don't forget to add some oils! Add in some of your favourite essential oils, we want this to be an accent scent that will compliment the base scent.

These can make great gifts or work great to place around your home or in an area where you spend your time.

Dried Flowers Rooted Love Flower Subscription Cornwall Ontario

Now that fall is coming, this can be a great time to experiment with dried flowers. You can pick your favourite flowers from your garden at home or use your flowers from your Rooted Love Bouquets. This is an fun and timeless way to repurpose the flowers you receive from us on a regular basis while also allowing you to get the most out of your bouquet!

 If you'd like to try a Flower Subscription and are based in Cornwall and surrounding area, please use this coupon code for a special discount on your first delivery: DRIEDFLOWERJOY 

Rooted Love Flower Subscription Cornwall Ontario

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