Cultivate Something New

I believe taking time to set good intentions for the day, for the month of even for this new year is a great way to start a fresh path. Do you have a vision for 2021? What words come to mind?

For me, the word cultivate came to me as the new year approached. I knew that 2021 would be different, that this would be a year of growth and building my path ahead. I understand that we will still be living in a world that is different from everything we knew before, there will be darkness but I won't fear it. I am prepared to continue to adapt and grow through it. 

I'll admit, it hasn't been an easy year so far. Through it though I have learned about surrounding myself with positive energy. Doing so has shown to be a sure way to walk through this time, with strength and courage.

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Surrounding ourselves with positive energy is partly a choice, a decision we actively work towards. Many of you have expressed to me the joy that flowers bring and I agree wholeheartedly. Flowers to bring color and joy to a space.

I know that each customer looks forward to flower delivery day and for those of us that work from home, that extra burst of color is a real blessing. 

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I recently also started adding plants to my home, I ordered some plants through 613Plants just outside of Cornwall. Once I added these new plants (English Ivy's) I instantly felt a sense of calm and well being. 

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I like to start my day fresh and most days I'll try to wake up early, even if it is 15 minutes early. I take that time to meditate and light some Palo Santo. I usually do this while I make my coffee or tea or I'll do a guided meditation. I absolutely love using Palo Santo in my morning ritual.

Do you practice a morning or daily ritual? I highly suggest scheduling time and practice a ritual that invites and grows positive energy in your space. It really is so valuable.

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Something I decided to focus on this year was growing, learning and doing. I have always dreamed of having a little space of my own and spending summers in Nova Scotia I decided to start planning. I dream of building a little garden shed, somewhere I can spend time to be creative.

Doing what you love will inspire great things. It brings peace, excitement and curiosity! Have you ever wanted to do something but maybe put it off to the side or didn't know when to take the leap?

Flowers Peonies Cornwall Ontario

I have been dreaming of learning more about the art of being a floral designer, my learning process started with books and just recently I made a HUGE leap. I started a program with my favourite flower school based in the UK. I had been going back and forth on it, but told myself there is no better time than today.

Remember that there are so many little things, small steps we can take each day to surround ourselves with positive energy. It can be waking up 15 minutes early to meditate or just start our day while everything is still. It could be signing up for a course that has been calling us or learning something new.

Whatever it is you do, remember to choose a word or vision.

What will this year represent for you?


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