5 Ways To Style Your Flower Bouquet

When it comes to styling fresh cut flowers, it's fun to think outside the 'vase'. Flowers are meant to be enjoyed, there are no rules when it comes to styling your bouquet.

Below we will share some inspiration on flower style and decor. Want to subscribe? You can sign up for a Rooted Love flower subscription by clicking here.

Rooted Love Flower Subscription Decor Ideas

Everyone loves a dinner party! Enjoy the company of family and friends at your next backyard bbq, dinner party or event. Style some fresh flowers to use as a centrepiece at the table. Or break up your stems into bud vases and place them throughout for a fun whimsical look.

Mason Jar Rooted Love Flower Decor

Mason Jars are something most of us have around the house. You can also find them at antique shops like Barn Full of Goodies in Morrisburg or the dollar store.

Try using a small mouth mason jar to display your fresh blooms. You can also consider our Seasonal Subscription, which comes with a tall small mouth mason jar that is perfect for displaying your full bouquet or a few stems.

Bud Vase Rooted Love Flower Subscription

 Separate your Rooted Love Love bouquet into separate bud vases, The vases seen above are from My Vintage Soul, a business local to Cornwall and area specializing in all things vintage. This creates a whimsical fun look and it allows you to display your fresh flowers throughout the house. 

Flowers Rooted Love Design Decor

Consider placing your fresh flowers in a unique vessel like a teapot, vintage vase or retro glass. Our friends at Crush Lane have a wide variety of gorgeous vintage vases and glassware, they are based in Cornwall.

Dried Flowers Rooted Love Flower Decor

What do you do with your flowers when they die? Consider drying and pressing them to display in a frame, photo album or shadow box! Try googling or searching on Pinterest, pressed or dried flower art. Why throw something away that can still be beautiful? 

Thank you so much for reading through our Flower Design guide, we hope this post has inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to how you decorate your space with flowers!

At Rooted Love we believe flowers should be fun and unique, which is why we work with the best floral designers in Cornwall to help us create fun whimsical bouquets that can be enjoyed in any space!

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