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We specialize in unique & whimsical floral design + floral smudge sticks

We offer biweekly and monthly flower subscriptions in Cornwall, making it easy to enjoy fresh flowers more often. We are advocates for self care and offer a variety of Floral Smudge Sticks & Palo Santo that is sustainably grown and harvested.

Breath deep, love more & light a Floral Smudge Stick

Clear out negative energy and boost your overall wellbeing with daily rituals. 

Let love bloom!


Floral smudge stick ritual

  • Cleanse your space of negative energy

  • Set positive intentions for the days ahead

  • Breath deep, love more and live life in full bloom

Blue Sage + Rose Ritual Bath Kit

We hope our Ritual Kits will inspire you, to love more, breath deeply and practice self care.

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