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How it works


    Are you a flower lover or business owner?  A flower subscription is an affordable fun way to enjoy regular blooms, delivered to your door.


    Do you prefer biweekly, monthly or annual bouquets Select a flower subscription that suits your schedule. 


    Delivery is on us! Celebrate the best day of the week. Enjoy a unique bouquet with each delivery. Click here to subscribe.

Buy 30 Day Flower Subscription

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Treat yourself, staff, clients or loved ones to flowers

Designed with love, our florist hand picks each bloom to create whimsical bouquets that can be admired and appreciated. 

Spread the love. Enjoy flowers that are meant to be fun.

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How do I subscribe?

Choose how often you'd like to receive your flowers, Biweekly, Monthly or Seasonal (every 3 months) . Click 'Add to Cart' and enter the name, address and phone number of the person receiving the flowers. We will deliver your bouquet every 14 or 30 days or every 3 months, from the date of your first delivery. We always call before we deliver. 

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to Cornwall, Ontario and surrounding area. The towns we deliver to are as follows: Cornwall, Ingleside, Long Sault, Morrisburg, Iroquois, Brinston, Williamsburg, Winchester Springs, Winchester, South Mountain, Chesterville, Morewood, Finch, Avonmore, Newington, Glenn Walter. 

Can I order a one time Bouquet of flowers?

Absolutely! We love to encourage everyone to enjoy flowers often. Click here to order our 'One Time Bouquet'. This is a unique and fun flower arrangement perfect for your home, office, client or business. 

What does a 'Rooted Love Bouquet' look like?

At Rooted Love we work with our florist team to design small, unique and whimsical bouquets. We use fresh seasonal flowers to create an arrangement that comes wrapped in burlap, tied with twine, ready to be enjoyed.

What if I only want flowers every few months?

Do you love flowers but only want a few bouquets a year? Are you looking for a thoughtful thank you gift for a client or loved one? We have a Seasonal Flower Subscription where we deliver a Seasonal bouquet every 3 months. This subscription includes a tall small mouth mason jar vase with the first delivery.

Corperate subscriptions for businesses, relators, spas etc.

A Rooted Love flower subscription is a great way to say thank you to a client or brighten up the day of staff or clients. You can take a look at our Subscription options here: Flower Subscriptions or consider a yearly flower subscription: Seasonal Flowers.